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Took your mamma 9 months to make ya   
08:59am 10/11/2006
mood: tired
Im just a bedroom gangsta.
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Fuck sales.   
05:15am 18/10/2006
mood: drained
Yep....still sick.
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I know I know I know   
09:22pm 27/09/2006
mood: sick
Being sick fucking sucks.
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Susan Strange   
09:33pm 19/09/2006
mood: irritated
T-Minus 2 days until complete bliss

T-Minus 91 days until I get out of this fucking town for good.

Fuck all of you

You dont even know the half of it.
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09:33pm 18/09/2006
mood: aggravated
I am so confused and frustrated that I just want to scream.

I just want to run away and never come back.

I think it is a grand idea.

But once again every one would hate me for it.

Oh wait everyone already does.
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04:03pm 17/09/2006
mood: gloomy
12 Months of Questions


1. Did you have a new year's resolution this year?
Yeah didnt work.

2. Who kissed you at midnight?
No one I was working all night

3. Does it snow where you live?
Yes lovely lovely white snow

4. Do you like hot chocolate?
Not as much as tea

5. Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop?
Not yet


1. Who was your Valentine?

2. When you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class?
Hell yeah and we made boxes to receive them in. I made a 3 foot robot one time
With light-up eyes and everything

3. Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not?
Not really


1. Are you Irish?
Hell no....long live the Scots!

2. Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day?

3. What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2006?
Got drunk and stoned and tried to break into a sugar beet factory with kids I had just met.

4. Are you happy when winter is pretty much over?
I love the snow...hate the winter.


1. Do you like the rain?
Most of the time

2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year?

3. Do you get tons of candy on Easter?
I got a bit.


1. What's your favorite kind of flower?
I hate flowers

2. Do you like the spring?
Eh its ok

4. What is the first color you think of when you think of Spring?
Orange for some reason


1. What year did/will you graduate from highschool?
Last year and fuck that.

2. Did you realize nothing special happens in June?
I was probably the happiest in June.


1. What did you do on the Fourth of July?
Came to Ely Nevada and watched fireworks with Nics family.

2. Did you go on any vacations during this month?
If you count coming to Ely a vacation

3. Do you blast the A/C all day?
Fuck yeah. Cost me a fortune and worth every penny


1. Did you do anything special at the end of your summer?
I moved back to Ely

2. What was your favorite summer memory of '06?
Hanging out in bed all day on the weekends with Nic

3. Do you have a sunburn?
No that would require me to go in the sun

4. Do you go to the beach a lot?


1. Did you attend school/college in '05?
High School

2. Who is/was your favorite teacher?
My mommy

3. Do you like fall better than summer?


1. What was your favorite Halloween costume?
A giant Twinkie

2. What's your favorite candy?
Strawberry Puffs

3.What did you dress up as last year?
I dont remember


1. Whose house did you go to for Thanksgiving?
My grandparents in Nebraska...every fucking year.

2. Do you love stuffing?
Most definately

3. What are you thankful for?
I dont know.


1. Do you celebrate Christmas?
Of course we wouldnt be a good christian family if we didnt!

2. If not, what do you celebrate?

3. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe?
A few times

4. Get anything special last year?
Of course not...my parents suck at giving presents

5. What do you want this year?

6. Do you like cold weather?
I like snow.

: W. H O . W A S . T H E . L A S T . P E R S O N . T H A T?
1. You hung out with?
Misty and Katara

2. Rode in a car with?
My parents

3. Went to the movies with?:

4. You went to the mall with?

6. You talked on the phone to?:

7. Made you laugh?

W O U L D . Y O U . R A T H E R?
1. Pierce your nose or tongue?:
Nose since I already have my tongue pierced

2. Be serious or be funny?

3. Drink whole or skim milk?:

4. Die in a fire or drown?:
Die from falling somewhere really high

5. Spend time with your parents or enemies?:
My mom

A N S W E R . T R U T H F U L L Y.
1. Do you like anyone?

D O . Y O U . P R E F E R.
1. Sun or moon?:

2. winter or fall?

3. left or right:?

4. 10 acquaintances or two best friends?:
2 best friends

5. Sunny or rainy?:

6. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?:
Neither..both boring flavors

A B O U T . Y O U.
1. What time is it?:
4:20 actually

2. First Name?:

3. What do you want to do?:
Lay in bed with Nic

4. Where do you wanna live?
Trinidad, Ireland, Africa

5. How many kids do you want?:
2 I guess

6. You want to get married?

8. Are you double jointed?
Nope not that I know of

10. Can you cross your eyes?

11. Do you make your bed daily?

R A N D O M.
1. Which shoe goes on first?:

2.whats ur favorite thing to do?
Lay in bed

3. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?

4. Have you ever eaten Spam?:
Fuck no

5. Favorite ice cream?:
Rainbow cream

6. How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet?
Only Trader Joe's shit cause I cant eat cereal anymore. Im allergic to milk.

7. Do you cook?:
All the time

8. current mood?
Restless and lonely

1. Bought something:

2. Sang?
Cat Power and I are best friends

3. Been hugged:
Yes my mommy hugged me.

4. Felt stupid:
All the time

5. Missed someone:
I will always be missing someone

6. Danced Crazy:
I danced with my weiner

7. Gotten your hair cut?
Nope but need to.

8. Cried:
Like a baby

9. Lied:
Lying is in my nature

10. been kissed:
God I wish

. S T U F F .
1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?

2. When's the last time you've been sledding?
Forever ago

3. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?
With Nic

4. Do you believe in ghosts?

5. Do you consider yourself creative?
Comments: Cause We All Know Art Is Hard.
Im thinking Arby's   
09:40pm 07/05/2006
mood: ecstatic
I was just poked to death...
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We dont have much room....to live.   
01:53pm 25/03/2006
mood: cold
I keep randomly thinking about people
People from my past.
Then some way or another
They show back up in my life

I have been thinking a lot
About one person in particular
I just hope I never see them ever again
I dont think I could handle it.

I have a million and one thoughts going through my head
All at the same time
I wish I had someone to talk to
The one person I always talk to is the one frustrating me
I think if I could say every thought in my head
To one person
I would feel 20 pounds lighter.

On another note
I am a bee all day
Little kids come up and hug me
I made a few cry
Basically the highlight of my week.
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Romeo and Juliet   
08:56pm 22/03/2006
mood: amused
Oh shit....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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05:03pm 16/12/2005
  I am a very confused sad little girl right now.

In all honesty all I want is to sit on my mommy's lap and cry.
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Premarrital Sex   
04:49pm 12/12/2005
  Livejournal is almost as retarded as myspace.

Oh yeah

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You write such pretty words   
10:47pm 26/06/2005
mood: excited
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This station is unavailable   
09:53pm 23/05/2005
mood: discontent
I bathed in a pool of purple

So why am I so blue??

This is going to be a long week.
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10:01pm 25/04/2005
  Clipside of the pinkeye flight
I'm not the percent you think survives
I need sanctuary in the pages of this book
Gestating with all the other rats
Nurse said that my skin will need a graft
I am of pockmarked shapes
The vermin you need to loathe
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11:50pm 26/03/2005

For Rizzle Mother Fuckers
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ahh ha ha ha   
11:06pm 15/12/2004
mood: amused

title or description

Friends Only, Bitches!

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Hey at least I am getting paid...hopefully...   
10:30pm 05/04/2004
mood: tired
I dont feel like updating

So this is all your going to get until I do feel like updating

Getting up early is a penis...so is crappy sun tanning lotion that I happen to have allergic reaction to

Bob's wall looks freakin awesome!
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